Hands n Paws completely unprofessional

Walled Lake, Michigan 3 comments
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I ordered from this company and made legitimate, professional inquiries. The customer service responses were both condescending, disrespectful, and due to this reason I chose to cancel my order and request a refund.

My final response to their blatant disregard for professional customer service was "I don't appreciate your condescending response and while I love your selection please cancel my order. I don't appreciate disrespectful customer service when I have a legitimate inquiry. Please advise when my order shall be refunded as I need to immediately find another supplier. Thank you."

To which they responded "Lol. You can wait. Not really going to go out of our way for you. By the way, you'll be waiting a while for those other suppliers. Some are exclusive to us and the others are at trade shows. Shucks...don't you hate when you put your big foot in your mouth too early? Appreciate that! (We're laughing our *** off over here. Thanks for the day)."

I was shocked and disgusted. I filed a complaint with the BBB and turned to my credit card company to deal with my refund as they were refusing to handle the matter professionally. This company is either a scam or is staffed only by degenerates.

Review about: Unprofessional Customer Service.


Conneautville, Pennsylvania, United States #15053

Still trying to contact this company, to no avail. Guess I can kiss my $67.50 good bye

Jyllinge, Sjelland, Denmark #14157

Sure wish I read this before I ordered.

They make it very hard to contact, and took over a month to send item.

I will file a complaint too.

Alstead, New Hampshire, United States #13736

I just went through the same thing.Many of us have.

I added them to the BBB, I have filed with my Credit Card Company ( and received a refund), and I am filing with the Arizona State Atty General's office.These people need to get what they give..

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